The Thurgood Marshall Center for Service and Heritage needs your support! Your donation will go a long way toward keeping the doors open to what began as the nation’s first Black YMCA and has become a social service, recreational, and educational epicenter, serving more than 5,000 inner-city African American and Hispanic children, youth and families per year.

The historic landmark building was the home of the first-full service YMCA in the nation to serve African Americans, including the site where Thurgood Marshall mentored young men and authored portions of the Brown vs. the Board of Education. The YWCA was conceived by a former slave Anthony Bowen; Booker T. Washington’s son-in-law served as architect; and President Teddy Roosevelt laid the first cornerstone. Today, Cecilia S. Marshall, Justice Marshall’s wife, serves as the Honorary Chair of the Thurgood Marshall Center Trust, Inc. (TMCT’s) Board of Directors. TMCT, the proprietors of the historic Thurgood Marshall Center for Services and Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating social services to needy.

Presently, the Center houses eleven non-profit organizations that serve children, youth, and families in the District of Columbia. The Center frequently host programs and activities of interest to the community with more than 3,500 people visiting the Center each year.

The Thurgood Marshall Center Trust, Inc. mission is a beacon in the continuing struggle for equality and social and economic justice. We do this by engaging children, youth and families, and the entire community in provocative dialogue and collective action as well as continuously exposing them to African Americans’ rich history. Our rich history and heritage is the foundation for our future and we very much appreciate your kind interest in supporting the mission of the Center. No doubt your contribution will help in support of our mission but also in recognizing American’s tremendous advances toward racial equality.