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    Thurgood Marshall Center for Service and Heritage’s mission is to educate, encourage & empower children, youth, & families to pursue equality, social & economic justice through provocative dialogue & collective action.

    We believe this can be accomplished by facilitating collaborative efforts; cultivating meaningful relationships with community and faith-based partners, government leadership and agencies, business, and the community-at-large; and providing educational programs that will help participants celebrate the richness of their cultural history and meet the challenges in their lives.

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Discover the powerful legacy of ‘Breath of Freedom’ by Jonathan Green. Capture a pivotal moment in the fight for equality by purchasing a TMCT Custom Brown v. Board edition of the poster.

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The Thurgood Marshall Center Trust, Inc., Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Honorary Board Chair Cecilia S. Marshall, Civil Rights Activist and Beloved Wife of the Late Justice Thurgood Marshall and Mourns Her Death at the Age of 94

Yearwood Determined to Retire Historic Building’s Mortgage

  • While buildings, as the creations and inspirations of architects and engineers, represent projects made of bricks, concrete and steel — some edifices have infrequently been afforded such honor and respect within local folklore that they’ve become almost human.

    Perhaps that explains why one adage, used to imagine how history took shape in buildings through human ingenuity as trailblazers of the past paved the way for brighter tomorrows, continues to be uttered: “If these walls could talk.”

    Many of these once-proud landmarks have since disappeared — victimized by human abuse and greed, eroded by wind, rain and scorching sun or razed and removed to make way for growth in the name of gentrification. However, within the 68 square miles which collectively form the city of Washington D.C., a few oft-forgotten treasures still stand — even fewer owned and operated by Blacks.

    Consider the five-storied Thurgood Marshall Center for Service and Heritage, over a century old, nestled within a community mainly comprised of…

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Civil rights icon Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.
visits Lowcountry, embraces history

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