Rent Office Space

To make rental arrangements please complete the form below or download the facility Rental Application and fax to 202-462-5365 or email, with ‘Facility Rental’ in the subject line.

  • Use of kitchen and appliances
  • Daily housekeeping cleanng services & trash removal
  • Preferred tenant rate for facility space rental of gymnasium, Heritage Room, lobby & entire first floor
  • Monthly Parking on Private Parking Lot
  • 1.5 blocks from the U Street – Cardozo Metro (13th Street exit) & 2.5 blocks from the 10th Street exit)
  • Reception Security after hours for scheduled events
  • Beautiful wood entrance, reception, lobby and staircase
  • Gymnasium with basketball hoops & 2nd floor mezzanine
  • On-Site Property Management
  • Restrooms on each floor (Men & Women)
  • Security Entrance Buzzer, each entrance
  • Handicap ramp, east exterior – parking lot
  • Handicap parking space for guests
  • Community Cultural, Arts &; Historical Exhibits
  • Size: 2,666 square feet
  • Training Room/Conference Room (Size 18”X18’)
  • Windows: 1 wall of windows, building north side, south side and east
  • HVAC included, adjustable programmed temperature control
  • Separate IT/Phone Closet

Ground Floor Office Space:

  • Size: 7,169 square feet
  • Windows: 3 walls of secured windows, building front, rear & west side
  • HVAC included, adjustable programmed temperature control
  • Full-service kitchen
  • Restrooms (2 women, 2 men, 1 unisex)
  • Double door suite entrance
  • Double glass door building entrance, parking lot level
  • Elevator & stairwell access

Fourth Floor Office Space:

  • Size: 5,233 square feet
  • Windows: 4 walls of secured windows
  • HVAC included adjustable programmed temperature control
  • Restrooms (1 women’s, 1 men’s)
  • Elevator & stairwell access

TMCT does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Download the Office Rental Agreement